When the Leaf Blew In

Today we reviewed verbs.  We played “Verb or Not” which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.  We then read When the Leaf Blew In.  We charted action words found in the story. 

After that we all lined up and headed to the Nature Center to find a leaf of our own.  Today was definitely a chilly, Texas day so we all put on our jackets. 🙂  The students instruction were to find one leaf and bring it back to the classroom with them.

Once we got back into the classroom, the student’s challenge was to turn their leaf into a picture and then write about it.  We brainstormed ideas of what they could create with their leaf and then they were set free.  After completing their picture, they were to write a story about what they made using as many vivid verbs as possible.

We had a great time with this activity.

Then, of course, our last item of business, let’s TWEET about it!!!!

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