33 thoughts on “I PICK – Choosing Books that are Just Right!

  1. Your IPICK rap is wonderful! You are a talented group of children! My students will be thrilled to learn this rap, it’s too bad you are so far away or I’d have you come to my school and perform. I think your teacher has inspired you to always have fun while you are learning! Way to go boys and girls!

  2. I heard about your I PICK song on the Daily Cafe website.
    We just talked about the I PICK at my school and I would love to watch your video. Unfortunately, I can only see the comments about it and cannot find a link that takes me to your performance.

    Would you mind sending me the link directly?
    Thank you.
    Mrs. Garner
    Highlands Elementary
    Prairie Village, Kansas

  3. Great Job Boys and Girls!!
    We recently learned I-PICK in my second grade class. I can’t wait to teach my students your rap!! AWESOME JOB!
    Clarksville Elementary
    Clarksville, NY

  4. Dear 2nd Grade Class,
    I am a Reading Coach in Coolidge, Texas. Our school is a small rural school. I loved your song and what it meant. Because of some sound problems, I didn’t quite understand some of the words. Would you please send me the words to the song? I want to show your video to our second graders and hopefully they will learn how to pick the right book and learn your song. I am also very impressed with your blogs.
    Thank you,
    Mrs. Patsy Henry

  5. Great job! Imagine my surprise when I discovered your great video on twitter!!! I had no idea you were up to such wonderful things in your classroom. I will keep checking back, or better yet, I think I will just subscribe to your site. Keep up the good work! I want to see some of those moves in Ready Bodies!

  6. Hello! I am a first grade teacher in Alexandria, Virginia. I heard about your I PICK chant from The Daily Cafe website and had to check it out. My students love music and I’m very excited about teaching them the chant you made.

    Thank you for sharing it with us…I’m off to read a Good Fit Book!

  7. Hello from Canada,
    I found your amazing ‘I Pick’ rap on the link through the Daily Cafe and am so impressed! Thanks for letting us borrow this great song to remember the best way to choose good fit books. I can’t wait to teach it to the students this week.

    Grade 2
    Grande Prairie, Alberta

  8. Hi Grade 2
    I found your video by following the links from the Daily Cafe web site. It was super! I will show my grade four class in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada (right across Lake Erie from Erie, Pennsylvania). You will be super readers this year if you always choose the right books!
    Ms. McCallum

  9. I enjoyed watching your I PICK video! You are a talented group of children. This is our first year of Daily Five in our classroom. We love it! I live in Rapid City, South Dakota. Where Mt. Rushmore is located. It is beautiful here. I think we are supposed to get snow here tonight. I am not sure I am ready for that! Thank you for sharing your chant. Do you have the words typed out? I would love them if you could email them to me. Thank you!! You are WONDERFUL!! Mrs. Peterson

  10. Wow! Great job, awesome “rappers”!!! My second-grade class is working in “I P-I-C-K” as well, and I can’t wait to share your rap with them! You go, readers!!!!
    Mrs. M. Valentini
    Grade 2
    Clarksville Elementary School

  11. Great video, but I am unable to open it at school because it is on you tube…can you please post it on Teacher Tube so that I can open it… Thanks!

    • The file is too large to put on Teacher Tube. However, if you go back to a few days before the youtube posting on my blog, I have it embedded as a quicktime video. That might work better for you.

  12. What a fantastic way to remember “I Pick”! I can’t wait to go to school and share this with my first graders! We will be singing and dancing right along with your video on Monday morning. Thank-you so much for sharing your very creative song!

  13. We would love to use your video with our first graders, however we are blocked from using youtube at school. Would you give us permission to make a copy and download it, so that we could show off your great video to our students at Middle Creek Elementary? Or is there another way we could do it?

    Andria D’Errico
    [email protected]

  14. I love your I-PICK rap, too! I am a Kindergarten teacher in Piqua, Ohio, and I plan to teach the rap to my kids this year. Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents!

  15. I have just started implementing the Daily 5 and Literacy Cafe. I LOVE the movie of your class singing the IPICK rap and I would love to share it with my children and my fellow teachers, however our school system prohibits youtube (they even block it on your website!) Is there any other way that I could view it or could you email me the clip? Sorry to add another thing to your plate at this most busy time of the year!!! I appreciate your help1
    Alison Leis
    [email protected]

  16. I used your I-PICK video with my students last year. I just logged onto your site and can’t find the video clip any where. Can you possibly send it to me somehow so I can use it with my students this year?
    I love it!

  17. We love your I PICK rap. We are doing a voicethread on I Pick books. Would we be able to use a video of our kids singing your rap in the voicethread if we give credit to you?

    Thanks for your consideration

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