Our Spring Show is coming soon…..

We are approaching our spring production of The Tortoise and the Hare.  Please encourage your child to practice at home.  If you would like to send a CD to school, I will burn a copy of the songs in the play. 🙂


This play will be set in the 50’s, so children will need to wear fifties attire which could include poodle skirts, rolled jeans, or white shirts.  If you have any questions about their costume, please let me know.  More information on costumes will come home soon.  Thanks.

Welcome Back Kiddos!!

Well…our holiday break is over and we are back in the swing of things. I have enjoyed hearing all the exciting things the kids did over the Christmas Break and I’m glad to have them back.

Unit 16 words have been entered into Spelling City and are ready for the kids to start practicing for their test on Friday. The new words are: same, day, any, too, man. Our review words are: write, know, called, could, then, there, have, that, to. We also have a couple of bonus words this week which are another, himself, and once.

We will begin subtraction with regrouping this week in math. This can sometimes be a difficult skill for the kids to learn, so it would be great for them to practice at home. They will be bringing home math homework more often.

Have a great rest of your week!!

Christmas is Around the Corner….

Well, we are quickly approaching our Winter Break vacation.   Just a few reminders:  1.  Students are released early Thursday and Friday at 11:00.  2.  If you haven’t brought your Penny Christmas items, please send them if your date has already past.  3.  Our class party is Friday from 9 – 10.  You are welcome to check your child out after the party.  4.  School will resume on January 7th.

If you have any questions about upcoming events, please feel free to call or email me.  Thanks.

A New Kind of QRazy Prize

Our classroom “treasure box” has a new look!!!

This is a QR code.  Now when students earn a reward through ticket drawings or Munchkin prizes, they have the opportunity to scan a QR code.  There are 15 to choose from and they never know what they will get.  They choose one of the codes, scan it with a classroom iPod, and it will tell them their prize.  Last weeks winners were: J.T. (Bring a Show-and-Tell item), Mikaela (Bring a Stuffed Animal to Sit with You), Kaitlyn (No shoes in the classroom), Amelia (Choose a Prize from the Prize Box), and Kenzie (Read to another class).  The unknown adds an element of excitement!!!!

Thanksgiving Mix – A How-To Story

For our Fun Friday writing project this past Friday, we created Thanksgiving Blessing Mix.  First, we read The Night Before Thanksgiving.  After that, we began making our Thanksgiving mix.  Each item in the mix stood for something related to Thanksgiving.  After we created the mix together, we then reviewed our signal words before starting a how-to paper.  In their how-to paper, they were to tell their audience how to make Thanksgiving Blessing Mix.  While they were writing, they were able to enjoy a little bit of the mix.  🙂