Parent Conferences – October 23, 2012

Your student will be coming home today with a note about parent conference sign ups. One way to sign up is to book your appointment below. This will allow you to choose the exact time you would like to come as well as let me know any area you would like to discuss at our meeting. I encourage you to use this option if you have email/internet available to you. Looking forward to meeting with you all!

Witches’ Brew

Today we had a great time learning how to write a how-to paper.  Our topic of choice…witches’ brew!  We created a wtiches’ brew recipe together which included many goodies like cobwebs (Chex cereal), chicken toenails (candy corn), earth worms (gummy worms), spider legs (pretzel sticks), and much more.  It was delicious!!!!  After making it, we then wrote our how-to paper and attached it to our bubbling cauldron. What a great Friday!!

Let’s Study for Our Spelling Test!

When studying for your spelling test, you can click on the link to the right on our blog that says Spelling City.  I put our spelling lists on this site each week and there are several games your kid can play to practice their words.  They can also take a test to see if there are ready.  This is a great way to let them practice at home.  We have been on this site in the classroom and they should know how it works.  Have fun!