When the Leaf Blew In

Today we reviewed verbs.  We played “Verb or Not” which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.  We then read When the Leaf Blew In.  We charted action words found in the story. 

After that we all lined up and headed to the Nature Center to find a leaf of our own.  Today was definitely a chilly, Texas day so we all put on our jackets. 🙂  The students instruction were to find one leaf and bring it back to the classroom with them.

Once we got back into the classroom, the student’s challenge was to turn their leaf into a picture and then write about it.  We brainstormed ideas of what they could create with their leaf and then they were set free.  After completing their picture, they were to write a story about what they made using as many vivid verbs as possible.

We had a great time with this activity.

Then, of course, our last item of business, let’s TWEET about it!!!!

Lions and Tigers and Wordles…Oh My!

Today, we created a Wordle together as a class.  A Wordle is a word cloud created with the text that you provide.  Today our topic was Long A words.  As a class, we brainstormed words with the Long A sound.  After we entered all our words, we learned how to manipulate our word clouds by changing the color, fonts, and layout.  Soon the students will be creating their own Wordles based on topics given to them.  Enjoy!


Our Pumpkin Video

Students were each given a pumpkin to take home and decorate like a character from a book or story. The only thing they couldn’t do is cut it or puncture it in any way. After they return them, we took a picture of each kid holding their pumpkin. They then were able to create a slide in Keynote with their picture. They chose their own background, pulled their picture in, and added the text. They did a wonderful job!

Pumpkin Seed Project

We completed an online project today from Project by Jen. It was called the Pumpkin Seed Contest. We estimated the height, weight, number of ribs, and the circumference of the pumpkin. We then checked out results. We also checked to see if the pumpkin would sink or float. Most students thought it would sink, but it floated! We all made a guess as to how many seeds our pumpkin would have. We actually had 327 seeds. We had a great, sticky time! Enjoy the slide show of the process.

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Red Ribbon Week

Well, we kicked red ribbon week off today with Crazy Sock day.  Tomorrow is “Use Your Head! Don’t do drugs!”  So wear a cap.  Wednesday is “Spook out drugs.”  So wear a costume, but remember no masks or handheld props.  Thursday is “Shade out drugs!”  So wear your sunglasses.  Friday is White Oak Pride Day.  On this day, wear maroon and white.  I would like to encourage you to participate in as many days as possible.  Have a great day.  Here a a few pics of crazy sock day today.